Lineus Sowerby, 1806


Sowerby, J. The British miscellany; or, Coloured figures of new, rare, or little known animal subjects : many not before ascertained to be inhabitants of the British Isles: and chiefly in the possession of the author, James Sowerby. R. Taylor & Co., London, Vol. 1-2 136 pp., 76 plates (1806).

Lista de especies

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Lista de especies de Lineus

EspecieNombre comúnTipo
Lineus acutifronsLineus acutifrons
Nemertea - Lineidae
Lineus bilineatusLineus bilineatus
Nemertea - Lineidae
Lineus grubeiLineus grubei
Nemertea - Lineidae
Lineus longissimusLineus longissimus
Nemertea - Lineidae
Lineus ruber
Nemertea - Lineidae
Lineus viridis
Nemertea - Lineidae


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